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Brooklyn’s Boneyard

In the Daily Mail, a collection of photos from Williamsburg’s days (not so long ago) as a open-air chop shop. Photo: James Cathcart

6 May 2012

Hindy Sells Stake in Brewery [✜]

After 25 years as a partner in Brooklyn Brewery, founder Steve Hindy is selling his voting shares in the company to his long-time partners, Eric and Robin Ottaway. Hindy is planning to stay on at Brooklyn Brewery in a managerial position and will remain on (and lead) the board of the company, but according to BeerPulse, he is looking forward to enjoying some well-deserved "fruits of [his] entrepreneurship".

Zach Galifianakis’ First Video

Via Huffington Post, here is Zach Galifianakis’ acting debut, in a student short shot on the Northside in the early 1990s. Worth a look to see old shots the L Cafe (and the apartment listings there) and Teddy’s in an earlier (but not too different) incarnation. Oh yeah, and goatees – I forgot about those. […]

St. Vincent De Paul Sells

Photo: Heather Roslund According to Brownstoner, the broker handling the sale of St. Vincent De Paul Church on North 6th Street has announced the sale of the property for $13.7 million. MNS, the broker, says that the mystery owner plans to convert the church. The church owns two parcels on North 6th Street. One of […]

Reasons to Love Williamsburg

NY Magazine’s annual list of reasons to love NY include two of my favorite things about Williamsburg – Santorini, which continues to offer a pay-what-you-think-its-worth dining plan, and The East River Ferry, which continues to swim laps around the L Train.

20 September 2011

Nü Williamsburg [✜]

Erik Stinson in The Atlantic:

Nü Williamsburg dates back to a 2005 change to zoning laws allowing for the construction of new residential units in the areas of North, South, and East Williamsburg, semi-defined divisions of the sprawling Brooklyn neighborhood. In 2008, the housing boom busted, but, slowly, many of the then-new projects are being completed and filled.

But why does Nü Williamsburg need an umlaut?

A Better Look at Triangle Court

Triangle Court (proposed) Architect: KOH Architecture Photo: KOH Architecture via Curbed Yesterday, Curbed posted a better image of Triangle Court. Here it is in all it’s glory. The building will occupy the former gas station site on the western half of the triangle formed by Grand, Keap and Borinquen. The future of the rest of […]

15 April 2011

Mable's Smokehouse [✜]


Mmmm, brisket
Photo: Village Voice

An Oklahoma-style barbecue restaurant has opened at 44 Berry (the old NY Quinine Co. building). Bob Sietsema is impressed:

If someone had told me five years ago that Williamsburg would become the city's foremost barbecue destination, I would have guffawed. After all, most of the BBQ joints in town then—which numbered about a dozen—were located in Manhattan, whining that they couldn't do the job properly because of city regulations against airborne emissions. The "smoke scrubbers" required to meet environmental guidelines were prohibitively expensive, the owners maintained. Turns out they were full of crap, saving themselves money by brushing baked meats with cloying sauces and calling it 'cue, figuring nobody in New York could tell the difference. They were wrong.

(He was so impressed that he also posted pictures.)